Jon Benn – “The Big Boss Remembered”, Short Film

In November 2018,  actor/filmmaker Michael Worth went to spend several days with actor and Bruce Lee co-star Jon Benn and his family in Kentucky.  Worth and Benn had first met almost 20 years before, and this time they were meeting to document some memories for a forthcoming documentary Worth is helping to produce.  The interview was at Benn’s insistence; “he told me at the time that he was diagnosed with blood cancer and wasn’t sure how much more time he would have and that I should get out there to talk as soon as possible”, Worth said.  Benn had made a name for himself in martial arts cinema having acted in over 50 films including Way of the Dragon, The Clones of Bruce Lee and Challenge of the Tiger.

screen shot 2019-01-10 at 2.45.24 pm
Bruce Le confronts Jon Benn in The Clones of Bruce Lee


Worth captured the footage and interview for a forthcoming documentary on Bruceploitation and Hong Kong cinema that has spanned across Hong Kong, Korea, New York and Taiwan over the last two years.  When Benn passed away several weeks later, Worth decided to cut together “something to just allow people and his fans a more personal glimpse at this man saying goodbye.  Just a small spontaneous short that caught a glimpse of his light even at the end”.  Benn’s brother Rick was integral in organizing the shoot and we thank Severin Films for use of their footage.